Fred and Jenny Hooper's 2018 Tesla Model X camping with R-Pod trailer in Sanford, Florida

Towing a camper with a Tesla Model X: Thank Elon for Superchargers!

LEGO ✰ ✰ SHADOW SNAPPER Limited Edition ✰ NEW Factory Sealed ✰ Secret Base x Artoyz Obake Ghost Clear Red Sheet gold Body 4.5
2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Blobpus Zombie Murder Blob With Jar. MVH Bemon Nagnagnag
2019 Toyota Prius Toyota shores up against electric-car threat, by sharing hybrid tech
Lego 6206 Star Wars TIE INTERCEPTOR Complete NO Instructions Lego 10745 Juniors Cars Florida 500 Final Race NEW

LEGO 6426 - Super Cycle Center - 100% Complete w minifigs & book
Lego 6748 Boulder Cliff Canyon Western Indians Set 1997

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